Lankester Botanical Garden


Costa Rica stands out because of its biodiversity, and in the area of orchids the country has more species than Mexico, the United States and Canada combined. Thanks to this, the Lankester Botanical Garden houses over twenty-thousand different orchids in its greenhouses. “The University of Costa Rica displays for study, in one place, about 80% of the orchid biodiversity in the country,” says Jorge Wagner, researcher at the Lankester Botanical Garden.

The facilities also include a splendid Japanese garden that was built using traditional Japanese materials such as stone, clay, bamboo and wood. Visitors can enjoy waterfalls, ponds, bridges and a typical Japanese homes.The Lankester Botanical Garden also has several plant collections and trails for visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Lankester Botanical Garden, one of the world’s most renowned botanical orchid gardens, is home to more than 3000 plant species.